Early Years Essay

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Discuss the key aspects of Early Years child development in the contexts of providing support an appropriate child care setting

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This essay will look at the key aspects of early Years child development in the contexts of providing support in an appropriate child care setting.
The early years of a child’s life are the most important in terms of their general well-being, their emotional and social development, and their physical, intellectual and emotional growth. Bruce and Meggitt, (1999) claim that children learn more in the first five years than in the whole of their lives, thus supporting the importance of good quality early intervention in a child’s learning and development.
As children grow and develop in a myriad of
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Children learn how their bodies work and how to stay active, safe and healthy. Physical activities happen within the playgroup and in the outside playground on a daily basis in order to meet the needs of the children. Whilst developing the playgroup environment I continue to work alongside the Social Services recommendations, ensuring that the environment is of high quality and is a stable one were children have care and security and lots of appropriate stimulation (Working with Children in the Early Years, 2003)
Our setting reflects the ideas of Montessori (1870-1952) who believed that children should choose their own activities and introduced the idea of child sized furniture and provided an environment that was child centred, with low, accessible equipment so the child could develop independently and obtain for themselves. Bruner (1915-

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present) agrees that children need to have the freedom to move about in order for them to develop and gain benefit from their play through their experiences.
Within our setting the variation of the children’s abilities is apparent and whilst continually working towards and evaluating the five areas of learning the emphasis is placed upon the development of the whole child. Unlike Reid (2005) I can appreciate that it is impossible to adhere

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