Essay on Early Stages Of A Child 's Development

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Early stages
In the early stages of a child’s development, language is developed socially within the child’s familial context. Through this social process, the child’s native language is developed which is unique to their cultural heritage (McDevitt, Ormrod, Cupit, Chandler & Aloa, 2013, pg. 344). To elaborate on the social influences, children learn not only their cultural language and communication form, but they also learn how to communicate by the example set within their social context (Gee & Hayes, 2011, pg. ). As an example, to communicate sorrow or grief, a Middle-eastern family may display open acts of mourning in comparison to a British family who may be withdrawn and inward in their display of mourning. In this sense, this behaviour is learned from the social and familial context a child is raised in. Gee and Hayes (2011, pg. ) elaborate further that language is a social learning in the sense that children imitate others when learning new words, structures and social behaviours. However, language is unique to each individual, regardless of their familial context.

Language is diverse as it can be communicated through spoken word, kinesics and written word. Kinesics is used within language through gestures, facial expressions and body movement to express a feeling (Hans & Hans, 2015). As an example, a child may understand that they have done something wrong by a simple look from their parent or carer. Yet, the diversity within language lies within its…

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