Essay about Early Onset Of Modern Dance Relative Feminist Ideals

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1). In contrast to the structure of ballet would you consider the early onset of modern dance relative to feminist ideals? Please support your thoughts based on the required textbook reading and any outside research you may have investigated. I would not consider the early onset of modern dance relative to feminist ideals because in the textbook said that “Isadora was teaching ballroom dancing to Californians in need of social polish.” That is mean that people can dance and they do not have to get a permission to the government. Not only in the textbook but also the website that I found from the author Eugene does not talk about the modern dance relative to any feminist ideals or any politics. On the other hand, in the textbook talked about when Duncan dances on the state, the audience will make the noise if they like or dislike. In addition, I read about some religious will denied the performance if the dance against to their religious, belief or God. This is the nature of the people so we must understand it. 2). In your own words how would you define Romanticism as it relates to modern dance? Romanticism means that one group of women tries to inspire people to know that how the women body can move and dance without providing people food by the end of the nineteenth century. In addition, they are trying to get people attention from modern dance to the Romanticism. Maybe many people will not understand how the women can move their body through dancing. I also think…

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