Early Jamestown Why Did So Many Colonists Die Essay

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During the first year of Jamestown, Francis West was to trade with a group of Patawomeke indians. Since the indians did not want to trade with them, Francis did not hold back and beheaded three of the indians in the group. This was what had caused the bad relationship with the local tribes around the Jamestown colonies slowly tearing Jamestown apart.
In the early spring of 1607, many English settlers sailed toward the Chesapeake Bay. As they sailed further up the James river to be marked as the first permanent settlement in what they thought was a new world. What was the cause of so many deaths of colonists? A few reasons why the colonists of Jamestown died was were because of a lack of food, supplies, and the drought that was about to occur. Another reason for their tragic death was because they did not gather enough food or water to last the winter, they did have a river near their colonies, but what they did not know was that they were drinking water filled with filth and human waste.The last reason was because of Francis slaughtering three of Patawomeke Indians. After this occurred the indians and the English did not have the
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Because the colonist did not gather enough food,water, and supplies they slowly died of starvation and crazy winter weather. The colonist tried to getting supplies from the Powhatan, but that caused a bad relationship later on in the winter. Francis West was ordered to sail up the Chesapeake Bay and trade with the indians. The leader of the indian group declined his offer. This angered Francis, so he slaughtered the head off of three members of the group. The indian then traded with Francis and sailed back to Jamestown, but during the the sail back his crew members told him the supplies would not last the winter for the people in Jamestown. So they sailed past Jamestown and voyaged back toward England. (Jamestown,Grain Trade With the

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