Early European Explorers: Lesson Pl Key Explorer Vocabulary

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Unit Topic/Title: Early European Explorers

Lesson Plan Number & Title: Lesson Plan #1: Key Explorer Vocabulary

Indiana Academic Standards:

English/Language Arts

5. RV. 3.2 Determine the meaning of general academic and content-specific words and phrases in a nonfiction text relevant to a fifth grade topic or text.

5.RV.2.5 Consult reference materials, both print and digital (e.g., dictionary, thesaurus), to find the pronunciation and clarify the precise meanings of words and phrases.

5.SL.2.3 Establish and follow agreed-upon rules for discussion.

Content Covered:

Students will be introduced to key vocabulary that they will be repeatedly exposed to during the unit. This lesson permits students the opportunity to determine the meaning
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9. Isthmus
10. Strait
• During this class period, I am going to split the class into three groups, and each group will be given a leveled reader. You and your group members will take turns reading.
• When you come across one of the vocabulary words, you must attempt to determine the meaning of the word by using context clues. What does it mean to use context clues? (Teacher calls on students with raised hand)
• Using context clues means to use the words in the sentence to figure out the meaning of a certain word. For example, let’s determine the meaning of the word predator in the following sentence: (write on board) Birds are always on the lookout for predators who might harm their young.
• What can we conclude about the meaning of the word based on how it is used in the sentence? (harm means to hurt, and predators might want to harm other animals. This tells me that predators go after other animals to eat, harm, or kill them.)
• Now I will place you in groups. When I read the groups, what is my expectation when I share the groupings? What reactions should I see? (Students should share that my expectation is that they react positively or do not react at
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What have you done to meet the needs of kinesthetic learners?

Should a student struggle to write, he or she will be required to use a dictation program in order to verbally express what they have learned.

In order to increase participation amongst students who have an IEP or other factors that negatively impact their ability to learn, will be provided with a number of opportunities to increase learning. First, the teacher will work with the students to ensure understanding of the directions. Second, the teacher will allow those students to demonstrate their understanding by drawing pictures or using a dictation tool. It is important that those with attention issues find strategies to follow along while reading. One way to increase success with reading is to use an easy reader to keep one’s place while reading. The kinesthetic learner will be permitted to sit on a yoga ball while reading, in addition to using designated movement space to complete the written portion of the assignment. Those students will also be permitted to take breaks after short periods of work

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