Essay about Early Christianity Vs. Early Islam

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Early Christianity in Roman VS. Early Islam
I am writing about early Christianity, the traditional Roman religious practices, comparing to the Islamic beliefs and science and mathematics in early Islam. This essay mainly focuses on the contents of the primary source to compare and analyze the selected excerpts in order to provide the different religious beliefs and practices and how that had effects on the people’s view and how did let the different nations to grow and develop their views. In the first excerpt, “On the Separation of Mathematics and Religion, 1058-1111”, Al-Ghazzali who is one of the greatest early Muslin theologians, philosophers and jurist, believes in the separation of Islam and mathematics from each other’s. He believes that mathematics is the knowledge of calculation and geometry and has nothing to do with the religion, “It proves nothing for or against religion: it rests on a foundation of proofs which, once known and understood, cannot be refuted.” (78). He further criticizes the two disadvantages of mathematics and states that once people start understanding the mathematics, they tend to deny the existence of religion and God. He believes that when one learns mathematics admires the clearness of its proofs and thinks that he is capable in understanding all the different subjects and departments. Mathematician are usually more accurate and precise than others and they tend to look for proof in any subjects, “When he hears people speak on the…

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