The Pros And Cons Of The Unification Of China

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4.a. Unification is integral in the early dynasties of China because unification resembles harmony throughout the land and to the people. This thought was initially derived from Kong Fuzi (Confucius) through his Confucian principles and was strengthened by Legalism in the Qin dynasty. In legalism, it is perceived that social harmony can be attained through a strong government that uphold laws firmly. The strong Chinese cognition that the foundations for a strong government depends in the agriculture and military also convinced China’s unification in the early dynasties. The agricultural necessity and its effect for sustainability and increased production through a unified land persuaded the early emperors into the necessity of the unification of various Chinese states. Also, the quest for domination and control by dynasties in various states in the period of Chinese warring states concluded into unification when the Qin Dynasty won dominance over the majority of the areas. Moreover, unification is vital to China because it generates a strong political, cultural, and economic identity and its continuity. This principle and culture sustained until today, much greater that the length of a …show more content…
The unification of China caused advantages and disadvantages to the nation. The advantage of unification is projected through an efficient and sustainable China that elevated their nation into a long lasting and stable state. Their culture also flourished and even influenced other civilizations such as Korea, Japan, and Indochina. The unification attached a strong spirit of nationalism and Chinese identity despite China’s geographical and ethnic diversity. The disadvantage is exemplified through a harsh process and complex process of unification. Recently, it created a exaggerated intention of unification that hovered through several states that intentionally wants to separate from the Chinese domination. An example of this are the territories of Taiwan, Hongkong, and

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