Early Childhood Social Goals For Children Essay

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In order to develop lasting bonds with students, teachers must show that they are caring individuals. A teacher is also responsible in making sure students develop a sense of caring and respect for others as well. Ramsey provides us with early childhood social goals that relate to multicultural education because they become a foundation for children’s capacities to connect with the natural environment, the larger social world, and issues within social justice (Ramsey, 2004). These goals usually include empathizing with others, communicating effectively, initiating and maintaining social interactions and relationships with peers, playing cooperatively, and resolving conflicts (Ramsey, 2004, p. 54). One early childhood social goal children should develop is empathy for others. It is believed that in order to effectively care and respect others, one must empathize with them as well. In preschool, students learn how to read emotions. They start to understand that people have their own ideas and that their own actions affect others. Once children enter elementary school, they start to realize that they are part of others’ ideas and feelings. This can make children become more considerate of others, or it can make them become self-conscious.
This realization may also cause children to antagonize others who are not included in that child’s social group so that the child is more accepted by those within the group. By pointing out how others may feel or think to students, we are…

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