Early Childhood Observation Examples

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For this observation I attended Horseshoe Trails Elementary School in Cave Creek, where I observed a boy in 2nd grade. To keep the confidentiality of the child, I will refer to him as Bob. Bob is a Caucasian 8-year-old male, who lives with his older sister and both of his parents in Cave Creek. His teacher, Ms. Sunshine, informed me he is a very bright child who performs above average in all of his core subjects. She reported he has a lot of friends in class and is just starting to take an interest in girls. Ms. Sunshine stated while Bob is very intelligent, he can be a disruption to the class due to his attitude and frequent dramatic outbursts. When asked what triggers these outbursts, his teacher reported whenever he gets in trouble, or if someone is mean to him, he will get angry and/or cry. She also stated when Bob gets bored with the assignment, he will start to act out and whine. Ms. Sunshine stated both of his parents do not help him with his schoolwork, but have very high expectations of him. Every week the children write letters to their parents about what they learned during the week. The parents are to read these letters and respond to their child in the notebook. Ms. Sunshine informed me she started to write Bob back since his parents refused to …show more content…
Ms. Sunshine asked the children to silently pick out a book, and find a quiet place to read on their own. Bob talked throughout silent reading time until Ms. Sunshine reminded him he needs to be quiet. He continued to whisper sporadically before deciding on a picture book a few minutes before silent reading is up. When putting his book away, he pretended it was a machine gun and shot at his friend who laughed and stated “Oh man, you got me.” When he accidentally dropped the book on a little girl he stated “What I was just swinging it,” and did not apologize. The girl giggled and they walked back to their desk

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