Early Childhood Education Program Analysis

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A high-quality program for early childhood education should be a place where children and families can participate in that will allow children to grow and learn in a play based, child lead, safe and nurturing environment.
In my ideal program, the school will provide inclusive services to any child who is at the age of birth through five years. Each classroom would adhere to the child to teacher ratios as suggested by the National Association of the Education of the Young Child (NAEYC) accreditation standards to ensure the success of the children and adults that work in the classroom.
The curriculum would be a mixture of place based curriculum and the Reggio Emilia Approach which views the “whole child” and exposes the children to numerous
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By understanding Lev Vygotsky and his social cultural theory we can understand and view the child as a “whole child” and use the notion of the connection between culture and development. (Gordon, Brown 108) Jean Piaget would help us understand how children actively learn and “construct knowledge on an ongoing basis” through his social cognitive theory. (Gordon, Brown 103) Urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory would helps us understand the systems that influences our development, and Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence helps us understand the different styles of learning when teachers are planning their curriculum. Each of these theorists would support the focus of learning to the child leading the activities and helping teachers understand the value of different learning styles. With Howard Gardner’s theory of “multiple intelligence” we would set up each classroom with centers that would allow each child to develop through play based centers that would help engage the child in the activity of their own choosing. The centers can be as follows but not limited to centers like; art studio, discovery, library, building, puzzles and games, and dramatic play. These centers would consist of materials that were properly introduced to the children by the teacher so the children understand how they can be used and come up …show more content…
The program would also implement the Pyramid Model to have a high emphasis on the social emotional development of the child. This would also allow a team approach in assisting a classroom inclusively and class. Therefore, the program will have a team of special education providers to help with each classroom come up with helpful strategies to help all children of the program.
Through a team of people that are helping in the classroom, on-going authentic assessments would be done. These assessments would be used for teachers to see what areas of development for each child may need to be supported. These assessments would also allow teachers and families to look at where their child is at and where each child may need some support for them to be

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