Early Childhood Education : An Essential For School Readiness

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I believe that early childhood education is an essential for school readiness. Early childhood education plays an important role in children’s development in cognitive and social skills. At the age of three years old the children begin to develop more rapidly. Children progress in their physical, social, intellectual, and emotional. According to The Urban Child Institute, studies have shown that “from the ages of 0 to 3, a baby’s brain grows to 80% of its adult size and is twice as active as adults”. This is when a child is at its highest potential to learning new things. Attending an early childhood education program will improve the child’s language and motor skills. The Urban Child Institute website also mentioned how James Heckman, a Nobel Prize winner, stated that “Early experiences can translate into school readiness, academic success, and lifetime well-being. Success builds upon success. When more children in a community are ready to learn, community-wide levels of human and social capital rise”. The purpose of early childhood education is to not only help the children prepare for primary school, but to get them ready for life. This is also the same age where they will learn to deal with conflict and problem solving. It is important for the children to learn these things at an early age so that they can developed it more as they mature.
I believe that one of the most effective program is the creative curriculum. The children get to learn and develop, while still…

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