Early Childhood Education : A Curriculum Intended For Children With A Good Foundation For Life

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Early childhood program is a curriculum intended for children from birth to twelve years of age. It supports the view of a good quality early childhood system that supports each child’s progress in all areas of development. This program is supported by both federal and the provincial agencies in order to improve the health and well-being of our young children and to help the families mold their children with a good foundation for life.
In Quebec, Early Childhood Education is very much important because we valued children as our most priceless assets. Quebec society, however due to multiculturalism, the agencies transforms the curriculum to meet the needs of every child not only nurturing but also in giving them the good quality education.
A high-quality daycare is one that is able to acknowledge the children’s needs and meeting them. It is the establishment where educators will help and get involve with the children by taking into account the level of their development in all areas. In Quebec, these structural elements must be respected and implemented accordingly.
 Educator-child ratio - by following the standard ratio of adult-child in the daycare is very beneficial to both educator and the children because it will ensure the quality interactions between the educator and the children.
 Group size - is also significant factor that can contribute a quality of a good childcare. According to one of the article online that the less of number children in the group the better…

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