Essay Ear Acupressure For Smoking Cessation

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Ear Acupressure for Smoking Cessation
Smoking is a prevalent problem throughout the United States. It is an addiction and it can be very challenging for individuals to quit. However, through medication and nonpharmacological treatments smoking cessation is possible. One nonpharmacological method that has been researched is using ear acupressure. This paper will discuss the research article Ear Acupressure for Smoking Cessation: A Randomized Controlled Trial and how it relates to a hospital patient. People with addictions can have a very difficult time overcoming them. While pharmacological methods have been effective, it is worth it to do research and see if nonpharmacological methods can be more effective. The science of acupressure is fascinating, and the implication that it can help with smoking cessation can mean great things for those who suffer from an addiction to smoking. Sometimes adding one more medication to the mix is just not enough to help patients, therefore it is important to utilize nonpharmacological methods as well. The patient this semester was in need of a mitral valve replacement. He had one previously this year, but it failed. He has a history of endocarditis, along with drug abuse and smoking. In order to help with smoking cessation he was using nicotine patches. Yes, the nicotine patches can help with smoking cessation; however, this research may show that acupressure alone or in conjunction with the patches may be more effective than…

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