Eagle Scout Journey

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As an Eagle Scout, I spent 10 years of my childhood life trying to get to the rank that I am. I joined the Boy Scout of America program in 2nd grade as a Wolf Scout. Throughout my year, I worked hard to become an Eagle Scout. Earning the Eagle Scout Rank is an impressive award that stays with you throughout your entire life. You learn a lot of things within the program; from the Scout Law to the Scout Oath, which teaches you how to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, kind, obedient, brave and reverent, how to tie certain knots, how to properly do basic first aid, how to swim and save someone from drowning, you learn a ton of skills that stick with you throughout your life. What started off as learning to pitch a tent, eventually turned …show more content…
We would go to a lot of events that would count as community service hours. One of the community service projects that I volunteered for was volunteering my time at a mental hospital in Waco. Some other scouts and I planned a trip to Waco to volunteer here, about 10 scouts came along. Once we arrived at the mental clinic, we walked around and met with patients and spent time with them. I remember meeting a specific patient named John, who suffered from Down-Syndrome. The minute I said hi, he was so happy to meet me. John started showing me around the clinic, introducing me to nurses and other patients as well. John told me about his life, about how he would wonder off and go on these crazy adventures around his neighborhood with his mom or dad, how he loved talking to people, and more things about his life. I remember in the last hour of our visit, John decided to throw a dance party with all the volunteers and the other patients. He had one of the nurses play music and then some of the other patients and volunteers came in the room and started dancing around to the song. Once it was time for us to leave, we all said our goodbyes, gave each other hugs, and parted ways.
People can argue that becoming an Eagle Scout is a waste of time and kids shouldn’t waste their time with becoming an Eagle Scout, that being an Eagle Scout doesn’t mean anything. People can argue that learning trustworthiness, leadership and the other skills that you learn in scouting can be learned outside of the program. One of the reasons I joined Boy Scouts is not only to make friends, but to learn the

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