Learning English As A Second Language Research Paper

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Imagine leaving your home country only to go to a foreign place, now referred to as “home” and being forced to attend school without knowing the language. My family immigrated from Kosovo to the United States in January of 2004. I was only 5 years old at the time, so learning another language was fairly easy. My parents eagerly wanted to enroll me in school, and after only a few weeks of settling in my parents along with my uncle scheduled a meeting with the local elementary school. I was accepted and attended kindergarten at two elementary schools, which was tiring but beneficial to me learning English faster.
Kindergarten was probably one of the most important and memorable school years of my education. I experienced tremendous difficulty fitting in with the other kids because I didn 't know how to speak English. I was already a
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They bought me several books to keep me constantly practicing and learning. I was very determined to learn English and found myself enjoying English music and shows very much. For me music and television shows were enjoyable means of education that exposed to me to language and pronunciation. Even when I wasn 't in school I was motivated to learn and expand my vocabulary enough to be able to communicate easily and never have to struggle with communication again. I 've made various milestones of learning English, and everyday my vocabulary improves a bit more. If I were able to go back and tell myself any piece of advice that would have made my learning experience easier, I would have told myself that you should practice everyday, because some progress is better than no progress at all. Sometimes when we experience a struggle we are stuck with the mentality that we will always remain stuck, but that 's not the truth, because life goes on and circumstances change, but to keep up with the change you must practice everyday and yearn for

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