Reflection Wheel Journal Report

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Reflection Wheel Journal

Name: Abby Stanfield Date: November 6, 2016
Course Name: EDUC 705 ESL Methods Reflection Wheel Journal #2

Event(s)/Behavior(s): 15 points This past year I had a “Wow” experience when a group of my CLD students did not understand sequential terms. As a fourth grade instructor, we teach sequence by using transitional words in writing and identifying time order when reading. When I teach sequence by using transitional words, I create an anchor chart that groups different sequence words. The lesson is very similar to a gradual release. I model how to write using the different words. Next, students work in groups to write a paragraph using sequence words. When done, students work independently
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I thought my lesson had ample amount of support for all my students. I had a sequence anchor chart present for my students to reference when writing and reading. When many of my CLD students were unable to find answers to sequential questions during small group reading, I immediately thought students were reading too fast, which made them unable to comprehend the text.

Learnings: STEP 1: 10 points When I taught lessons on sequence words and order, I thought I had veteran knowledge on how to teach a simple topic to fourth grade students. When many of my CLD students showed little to no understanding after the lessons, I had many assumptions to why they were not performing well.
The first assumption I had was that the students were not paying attention. I thought the skills for the lesson were easy to understand and would be a quick lesson to master. Therefore, since students did not know the “easy” content, I concluded that they were not paying attention during the
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After taking this course, it has confirmed to me that I need to continue taking classes in areas that are unknown or difficult for me. In a few weeks, my district has a full day of professional development where teachers are able to sign-up for any class. There is a class that is being offered that will give teachers information on Burma and Refugee Camps. In our district, we are seeing an increase of refugee families, specifically from Burma. I have very little knowledge of this area and it will help me understand my students better, which can improve my teaching as

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