Soft Skills Vs Eq Essay

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These are the days where EQ (Emotional Quotient) is preferred to IQ (Intelligence Quotient). EQ is the way to measure how a person adapts himself to the situation, how he recognizes and manages his/her emotions to work better in teams. In the scenario where EQ plays a major role for better results, there is a lot of importance for soft skills to manage and get the best out of it. Soft skills include many things like communication skills, personal habits etc.., which relates to the EQ of a person. Thus person with good soft skills will have effect on EQ of a person by which he/she can manage the task well.
Not all human are equal. There will be obvious differences in ideology between people which need to be converted as an advantage. There may be many situations where we need to object an idea of other may be a subordinate or a superior in which case you cannot reject it simply but need to be done with tact. If we take an instance in some research field where there was an idea presented and his approver may not think it productive at that scenario. Rejecting him without expressing any reason may create a discouragement and he may not wish to come up with new ideas fearing rejection abruptly. The objection of idea can be done in another way with elaborating the reason why it is not apt
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The postures we exhibit in groups make an everlasting impression on selves and may even affect the team we are representing. We can take up an example of not listening to others before we speak. This will result in many misunderstandings and it shows peer negligence at others. In contrast, if we listen and speak accordingly, it shows the concern towards their speech and mutually will create a good impression. Also, some habits like greeting each other and wishing others appropriately will make the meeting pleasant and will have huge positive impact towards the

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