EMR/EHR Reflection

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On November 30th we had a guest speaker in our HIT class. His name was Jim Provines and the motive of his visit to our HIT class was to encourage on us and to give us a perspective about the new changes and transformation of healthcare into technology based and the job opportunities. Jim Provines is employed at Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare as Manager in IT Support Services. He holds an MBA in management and he has M.S in Health Informatics. Later, he took CPT and ICD-9 courses at the college of DuPage as Joyce Graves for instructor of the CPT class to supplement his studies. Jim has been in healthcare about fourteen years and three and half years in IT. During this millennium, technology has changed so much the way healthcare is delivered. …show more content…
Therefore, EMR’s/EHR’s are able to improve patient outcomes because EMRs/EHRs can expose potential problems when they occur, helping providers avoid more serious consequences for patients and leading to better patient outcomes, can help also providers quickly and systematically identify and correct operational problems; yet in a paper-based setting identifying such problems is difficult to find out …show more content…
But to run all the infrastructures, we need people to implement the software’s. With the new affordable healthcare act, many patients are going to clinic to have their own doctor instead of going to the hospital. Clinical site are opening everywhere. Jim mentions that Edward hospital has a new clinical site every month, some are very small, and some are large. Every time there is new site, they have to add that site to their system. Therefore, there is a high demand of dynamic people to work and due to the high demand of dynamic employees and vast profession of information technology profession such as Information Technology Professionals, Hardware & Software Support Analysts, IT Project Managers, EMR Specialists and Analysts, Clinical Engineering Professionals, Coders, HIM Specialists, Business Intelligence, and Analysts and Edward Hospital has 256 employees of ISS.
As I’m not really lying on the Department of Health Information Management side,
I would consider a position working for an IT or ISS Department of a hospital instead of a Health Information Management/Medical Records Departments after graduation because I like its IT side and also it will give me the opportunity to acquire a good foundation and knowledge in information technology organization and I will be useful in any department of information technology organization such as working from telecommunication technologies to computer networks, from

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