ELL Reflective Report

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During an ELL class, one spent time observing a mentor teacher take students through various ELL lessons. The teacher was keen to help the students with limited English language and literacy skills better understand the content of the lessons. One observed that the students lacked the basic literacy skills to comprehend grade-level content. A template was made to gather information regarding teacher practice that was necessary in assessing the implementation of instructional strategies for the subject. The teacher also coordinated the work to have the students attain oral language score, total writing score, and reading score within the subject.
The second hour involved going through various ELL topics, which demonstrated that the learners could learn
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For instance, the teacher to read a comprehension in turns while answering some questions under the comprehension. The teacher also used the meaning-based context and universal themes strategy. This strategy was used to provide the teacher with something useful from the students’ everyday lives, which the teacher used as a springboard to impress the students in academic concepts.
The aftermath was an increased interest in the subject from the students, which showed how well the students were connecting the subject to their lives as well as cultural backgrounds hence leading to high motivation and faster learning rate. The final SEI strategy involved the use of visuals, graphic organizers, and modeling. The teacher employed various visual aids, for example, pictures, charts, and diagrams to assist the students to recognize the crucial information as well as its relationship to support ELL ideas. For example, the visuals made the language and its content more accessible to the

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