E Writing And Online Writing Essay

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Online writing has, in the recent past, experienced an increase in demand as more people are engaging freelancers over the internet to have their articles or projects done. The increase in demand for online writing services has led to an increase in the number of people taking online writing and research as either part time or full time jobs. Online writing has become an essential part of academic journals, blogs and many other uses demanding a better sense of accountability and competence in writing the online pieces of work. The online writing platforms and their clients should be at the fore front in ensuring that their engagements in writing comply with the existing writing rules and regulations.
The increase in demand for online writing has attracted a large number of writers who are mainly interested in the economic aspect of the online engagement without necessarily putting any effort in understanding the concept of copyright in order for them to protect their work. The entry of unqualified writers in the online market, and to some extent neglect by qualified and experienced writers, has seen quite a considerable amount of online articles and projects characterized by flouting copyright provisions. The following submission will explore the concept of copyright and give a critical consideration to copyright issues in online writing.
Definition of copyright According to the United States of America’s International Copyright Relations (2003), Copyright refers to a type…

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