E Waste And The Digital Divide Essay

1252 Words Mar 15th, 2016 6 Pages
There are so many Americans that will drop off their old, broken electronics to be recycled, thinking they are being responsible, without knowing the truth. Developing countries are being shipped mountains of our e-waste to “bridge the digital divide” when in reality we just do not want to deal with these products that cost more to fix than they are worth. I will first explain what it is we are doing to these countries, how it affects them, and why it is being allowed in the first place. Then I will tie in my children’s book The Digital Divide and how it exemplifies what is happening in the world of e-waste in developing countries like Ghana. E-waste, a term that is often heard and occasionally talked about in passing, but what exactly is it? E-waste is the term used for old, end-of-life or discarded appliances that used electricity. It comes from everywhere in the world; however, it is rarely locally dealt with and instead is shipped off to developing countries. Some of these countries include China, Nigeria, Ghana, Dehli and India to name just a few.
There are two lies that are being used as the shield of excuse for shipping to these countries: the e-waste is being recycled and we are bridging the digital divide. There are many companies with the claim that the e-waste is being recycled. You can drop off your old computer to a company that promises to recycle your old product in a safe and environmentally sound way, of course that’s not true. The company ships…

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