E. T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

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Times have changed. I have seen E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) a few times before in the past and always thought it was more aimed toward kids than adults, nevertheless, rewatching it again with newer eyes I have come to appreciate its cinematic value. The whole aspect of the film is done in such a skillful, clever, and humble way that focuses on family, friendship, and love. Given the fact that this is science fiction and dealing with a mysterious UFO landing, there is some level of anxiety involving the whereabouts of a stranded alien that is mainly felt from the rattled adults (parents, teachers, and government men) in the film. But the obvious spooky nature of the film quickly turns into an uplifting and extremely funny movie that has a sense of wonder and caring that can capture the heart of moviegoing audiences of all ages, young and old.

An alien spacecraft sits parked in a forest in California, a group of space explorers from another planet are very curious about the plant life on Earth. One of them has wandered off from the main group, when
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Spielberg has been able to tap into our fears, amazement, and sense of adventure with those prior films, and with the phenomenal success of E.T., he has showcased the gentle, inspirational belief of universal friendship and love that transcends not only between people, but between intergalactic species. “Spielberg has called this his most personal film and it quickly became for a while the highest-grossing motion picture of all time” (Schneider 229). Indeed, E.T. won Oscar’s for best visual effects, sound effects, original score, and sound. E.T. was also nominated for best director, cinematography, film editing, picture, and

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