E Mail - Original Writing Essay

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Anastasia!!! I’m extremely flabbergasted that you’ve found it difficult to articulate to your friend my profession. I thought I told you already that I hold a doctorate degree in Global Operations and Supply Chain Management, and I worked as a consultant with the Department of Defense here in Indiana. On your part, you said you’re a trained Teacher by profession and you love working with students in lower grades. Although, I’d not dovetail into a submerge detail, when it comes to my profession, I do know, we’ve dialogue regarding our profession. I hardly forget stuffs, therefore, I would hope you’re reading and summarizing my e-mail to the greater extent because I hate to rehash myself over and over again. I told you also, I don’t have time to be writing long e-mails because my days are demonstrably loaded with activities and deliverables and at the very least, and I expect you to cognize my supposition regarding how fast I can revert to your e-mail. Now back to you and your best friend “Galya” whoa oh! You folks are gorgeous and genetically made huh? And I’d like the chemistry between you and her; I hope this will continue, unabatedly because if all things work out as planned, I hope to meet you and her one day. I’d like the pictures too. It was beautifully taken and exquisitely made. On a serious note, please tell your friend I say hi. You said your friend was relatively stunned that you met me. I hope her astonishment was not because I’m a man of a color right? Do you…

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