Essay about E Commerce Is An Online Purchasing And Vending Platform

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E-commerce is an online purchasing and vending platform. It is useful in linking goods and services online for those interested as it saves time and resources by getting the best prices in prior without tedious travels. Therefore, one can buy goods online and order supplies as there are personal interactions with the auctioneer. This is effected by the use of various devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers. The use of mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices used in e-commerce interaction, crucial roles and functions in line with online business will be discussed below together with the methods and resources needed to develop such a system.

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) concentrates on design, evaluation and interactive computer system for human use. Interactions between people and computers occurs to facilitate online marketing and technological growth. Human Computer Interaction determines how users can use electronic components and its benefit as well. HCI explains why some software products are of high quality and why some cannot be of use. HCI encloses the simplicity and usability in interaction and communication techniques. It’s all about how data is presented and requested, how the computer action is prohibited and monitored then all processes that developers use when creating interfaces. It also has input and output devices and contact techniques. The input and output devices are responsible for people’s interactions with the outside…

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