E-Commerce Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Further, the company can use the internet to communicate with its customers and inform them of the progress of their deliveries along with offering surveys that will help the shop continue to grow their customer service. The shop can use the internet for hiring quality technicians and customer service representatives along with seasonal employees. The shop can use internet resources for training its employees and customers in use and safety of all the products offered. Furthermore, the shop can use the internet to link up with creditors and insurance companies to expedite the needs of their customers. Also the internet can allow customers to contact technicians through online chat and tutorials to help troubleshoot problems at the customer’s location (Ahmad …show more content…
The final server hardware requirements will need to be estimated based on peak visitors, the editor to viewer ratio and total content. The software necessary is Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS) with related Microsoft Professional bundle. The above PWS supports all Windows operating system for ease of support and troubleshooting. The PWS supports FTP, SMTP, HTTP, and typical web languages. The PWS also supports CGI conventions. The web applications running on the PWS are capable of performing and interpreting database queries and results (DellStore, …show more content…
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