Essay E Coli : A Healthy Intestinal Tract

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E coli





E coli
Escherichia coli are bacteria although this is a large group of a scientific classification. It includes a diverse classification of these types of bacteria. E. coli occurs in different forms or strains with most of these strains being very harmless. However, there are other strains that are very harmful and can cause one to be sick. Some of these strains can cause diarrhea and in most cases urinary tract infections (Ellerbe & Regen, 2012). Other health threats caused by E. coli include respiratory illnesses and pneumonia (Ellerbe & Regen, 2012).
These bacteria live in the intestines of humans and animals and they are very important in supporting and creating a healthy intestinal tract (Heller, Oros, & Durney-Crowley, 2013). These bacteria need food and that is why they are situated in animal’s intestines where they synthesize vitamins for their benefits. However, the vitamins synthesized also have a beneficial health value to humans too. They also fight of pathogenic bacteria. Survival methods and characteristics of E. coli vary depending on the particular strain in question.
This experiment was meant to identify the different forms of E. coli and how they adapt to their environment. In this experiment, their ability to adapt to different conditions will be looked at. The bacteria can survive in different harsh conditions including very acidic conditions. They can also survive in environments…

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