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Register to read the introduction… The first group is students who study business related subjects and whose lifestyle forces them to find the books as fast as possible in order to do their studies. The following segment is the core segment for the RBE’s e-bookshop, because according to the facts written above, the growth of electronic academic and reference books become greater year by year.
The problem which exists in the e-book market today for students is that existing e-bookstores are not created for students and for their needs. In fact, today’s e-books aren’t the solution to students’ textbooks because they’re expensive, poorly designed products that students don’t want. This kind of problem the RBE e-bookstore is trying to solve.
Publishers make very high gross margins on traditional textbooks, and since e-books radically reduce the cost of distribution and printing, one would expect prices to drop substantially for digital offerings. Price aside, the reality is that students have never been offered excellent digital products that will help student to learn and study. A quick glance at traditional publishers’ e-books reveals mostly non-interactive PDF files and “innovative learning
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But also there is some large book stores like Barnes&Noble in USA who introduces the NooK which is similar to the Amazon’s Kindle which gives the possibility to find the book the bookstore’s stock and buy it directly to the eReader. Also, another biggest source of book is the GOOGLE BOOKS, which also has its competitive advantages and good market share in this market.
Also, the competitors could be the local large and well-known e-bookshops, like Libreka (www.libreka.de ) in Germany, Gallica ( National Digital Library in France with more than 1.5 million digital units, (www.bnf.fr)or French dominated e-book platform Fnac (www.fnac.fr ). or Spanish Casa del Libro (http://www.casadellibro.com/ebooks) with market share of 45% from the whole market in that industry. Plus, the main competitor will always stay the printed versions of the books. There is also a big demand for this type of book and according to the evidence shown above, people today are not ready to give up reading the “normal”
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We are to have a contract with the universities which will recommend students the RBE e-bookstore and also to have a contract with some big educational publishers to buy from them e-books. 3. We are to create a stock of the e-bookstore containing the book’s electronic version from world-known publishers and also from publishers who are recommended by student, professors. 4. Finally, we are about to create our own profile on facebook.com, linkedin.com in order to place the advertisement of our e-bookstore to create an strong brand awareness for the e-bookstore.
In order to control the whole operation process and possible success, we are about to conduct a survey for students on facebook.com in order to see do students know about us. The main factor of control for RBE Company will be the control under the website's functionality. This will be about the ease of navigating and purchasing from the website, performance of 1 click shopping, check of the inside link to other products, reviews of website, evaluation from the customer about the service

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