Essay on E Books : ' Love For Reading Or Detrimental On Literature?

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Are E-readers/E-books ‘Rekindling’ Love for Reading or Detrimental to Literature?
E-readers -or electronic readers- are a new invention to the 21st century. Technology is obviously advancing and leaves nothing behind the times. The physical book is no exception - everything is changing. To someone who regards themselves as ‘computer illiterate’ the thought of an ‘electronic-book’ could sound daunting but e-books are slowly invading society as we know it. The establishment of the e-reader has changed the way people read as e-book downloads have definitely altered the way we view and distribute information. They have all the information contained in a book multiplied by a few hundred in a compact handheld tablet, but are these having too large an impact on the printed book? Are they setting up libraries and book stores for inevitable distinction? The rise of the electronic book is not a positive thing in everyone’s eyes.
I personally, am not too keen on e-books. It may seem more convenient having all of your e-books in one place and being able to carry your whole library around but after my research I have come to the conclusion that I am all for physical books and do not want them disappearing any time soon.
The differentiating price immediately springs to mind upon contemplating the e-book. Those who own an e-reader will be familiar with the pricing: I have found that it varies significantly. Something that caught my eye was that on the most popular site for e-book…

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