E Advertising : Advertising And A User Of A Service Or Product

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• Advertising o Advertising is the communication with a user of a service or product. o Advertisements are used as messages for viewers to inform them about a product and to influence them to take interest in the product itself. o Ex: Advertising concerts, festivals, T-Shirts for sports teams, etc. o As of August 29, of this year, an advertising manager 's salary is $90,050. It ranges between $78,826 - $108,306. o Advertising Managers gather the information needed to plan advertising campaigns. o An example of an advertising business would be Burke in Charlotte, NC o In order to be an advertisement manager, you are required to at least have a bachelor 's degree in either, journalism, marketing, or of course advertisement. o You need to develop good communication skills and able to express all ideas in detail, quick on decision making, handles stress well, good supervising skills, followed with a creative personality.
• Sales Promotion o Job Title: Sales Promotion Account Executive o Job Description: Create and run marketing campaigns to increase sales or product uses o Salary: Starting level is $20,000-$30,000 o Category: Sports Marketing o Company: Nike o Training/Education Requirements: A bachelor’s degree with work experience as a sales representative
• Ticket Sales o A Ticket Sales Representative is responsible for advertising tickets and getting consumers excited about different sport events or entertainment events. o An average salary for a Ticket Sales…

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