Dytecna Essay

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Dytecna is a company which is a leading independent engineering solutions, technology systems and support services company which provides design, products, and manufacturing innovation to the defence industry where reliability, safety and protection are paramount.
Staffing to Meet Changing Business Demands - At Dytecna, the management of human resources will need to make sure that the company will have enough staff on hand to meet the demand of the business. This could either mean not employing any more people, hiring more people or even laying off some people. With the current form of government trying to cut back on unnecessary spending such as cutting back on the MOD e.g. ammunition, soldiers and vehicles. This means that the Dytecna
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By checking the performance of the teams, the Human resources manager will know how well the teams are working and whether they are working at a profit making standard. This means that company will have the opportunity to change the way the work force operates, in order to improve the performance of the teams and to make the best profit from the selling of their products.
Liaison With Other Departments - By being able to communicate with the other departments at Dytecna, the company will be able to produce as many products with out losing too much money. If one team in one department have a problem then the communication between the departments can help get the problem fixed or informs other departments that they will need to work on something else instead of wasting time and money doing nothing.
Levels of Formality - Having a level of formality in the workplace is very important as no one would want to work in a place where they are not treated in a respected way. Also, the level of formality will need to exist in the workplace when an employee is addressing their superiors.
Separation of professional from private activities - If the separation between personal and private affairs is not kept in the work place, then the work force could be distracted by something that they might have done during their time off. As a result, this can impact the production of a business

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