Dystopian Society : The Novel, 1984, By George Orwell Essay

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The idea of a dystopian society continues to fascinate and terrify mankind. In literature, movies, and real life, the future has often been experimented with and predicted by many scholars. Thoughts on dystopian governments contrast from controlled societies to free societies. In the novel, 1984, George Orwell describes a dystopian society ruled with an iron fist under Big Brother. Inside the society the three distinct groups, the inner party, the outer party, and the proles are extremely different. The inner party, the royalty of Oceania and the members who run the secrets of the government take the responsibility of ruling over the outer party and the proles. The differences between how the government treats the outer party and how they treat the proles are prominent, differing in structure of how they govern them, how they watch them, and how they let them live day to day life. The government in 1984 governs the outer party and the proles very differently. The inner party, connected through Big Brother, guards over the outer party with an iron fist. Everyday the outer party follows a strict regimen. The people of the outer party work as the administrators and educators for the society. The inner party makes sure that they have complete power over the outer party. They use slogans and posters all of over the city to remind everyone of Big Brother’s presence. The outer party is forced to go through hate week in which the party recalls past wrongs and praises the…

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