Dystopian Society In The Movie: Hegemony And Alienation

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The motion picture Divergent is a great example of many different theories discussed in this course, how societies work. It depicts some of these theories on several different occasions. Hegemony and Alienation are two concepts that are shown and elaborated upon in this picture. In this post-apocalyptic film, the dystopian society that has be created to differ from our own, but shows potential risks or warnings to the society overall.
In terms of Hegemony, it can be defined as “the control of the ruling class over a society’s belief system… it has embedded in it the notion that the dominant class maintains its power through a combination of coercion and persuasion” (Naiman 2012, 317). Meaning the more powerful class overpowers the remaining
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To begin with each individual being born into a faction, which places as a label on them and divides them from the rest of the society, the factions being classes in a society. Beatrice Prior, later known as Tris was born into Abnegation, she took the test but did not belong to any particular faction which left her with dilemma of belonging in a certain faction (Fisher, Shabazian, Wick and Burger, 2014). The different factions in the dystopian society with power divisions that Erudite the intelligent faction tries to take over and overthrow Abnegation, the selfless. This exemplifies hegemony by the use of Erudite’s power in the society over the remaining factions to create a new form of society. As Naiman stated that force and threat can be used to to maintain social order in society, near the end of the picture the leader of Erudite, Jeanine Matthews began to inject simulation serum to program members of dauntless to kill all of Abnegation in order to obtain power (Fisher, et al.,2014). This further demonstrates the existence of hegemony in this picture, it can be defined as an act to overpower the rest of the society. As Naiman explained the dismissal of other views in Hegemony, the factions do not understand one another and are not permitted to interact with those of another faction, which leads the individuals to blindly believe their faction (Fisher, et …show more content…
Tris chose to be classified as dauntless, which is known as the brave, she decided that this is the group she belongs in and will fight t stay in, knowing she is divergent (Fisher, et al.,2014). The dystopian society that is divided into factions and the faction-less, are labelled into each group, some individuals have very strong traits in the group while others mentally believe that they belong. As Tris began to struggle with her chosen faction she became alienated with the fear of being thrown to faction-less. She felt alienated because she was strong in several traits and not just one, this is what led her to rebel in the end (Fisher, et al.,2014). Alienated with the thought that she did not belong in dauntless but could not turn around and go home to her parents, the other members of Dauntless did not quite understand her

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