Dystopian Society In Lois Lowry's The Giver

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Dystopian society in Lois Lowry 's The Giver The dystopian society is when the things have gone wrong in the utopian society, which finally makes it opposite of utopian. The society in the novel, The Giver by Lois Lowry, was supposed to be a utopian society. It means to be the place with no pain or violence among people and supportive government that meets the needs of every single person. At the beginning of the novel, Jonas thought his society was truly a utopian society. However, he realized that his society was actually dystopian, as he began to work as 'The Giver. ' Through the changes of Jonas 's point of view toward his society, Lowry shows three main things that make up the dystopian society, which are lack of freedom, harsh authoritarian government, and …show more content…
Lack of freedom takes people 's chance that where they want to belong with people they love, government rules over personal life. It means, all citizens must express their feeling even they do not want. They live without lie and personal privacy. There are rules that made by harsh totalitarian government. All family units are not biological family. Government choose family members to each family unit. The family unit must be parents, one male and one female. As this family rule, their society is very organizes. People wear same clothes with who are in same age. Jonas 's society is influenced by harsh totalitarian government. When they using language, they must be careful. There is strong language limitation and government pursues citizen 's sameness. Absences of valuable memories in Jonas 's society. People in Jonas 's society do not know about pain and death. Also, they do not like change. The reason is they do not have memories about past. They are too familiar with system of government. However, The Giver knows all the memories that much more than people 's thought. Also, The Giver knows about the pain and

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