Dystopian Literature : Dystopian Fiction Essay

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Science Fiction Dystopian Governments
Would you be willing to live in a futuristic society that violently forces you to conform by forcing you to fight other people, in order to win your family food, and penalizes you with ostracization or even death? The genre of sci-fi and theme of dystopian fiction can be portrayed through various mediums, such as television, film, and novels in order to portray important themes. Novels such as Huxley’s Brave New World urge the readerto value individualism and resist unrelenting conformity, even when it is presented as a utopia. Additionally, science fiction television shows such as The Twilight Zone provide serialized episodes with shorter runtimes for repeated viewings and its episode “The Obsolete Man” warns the viewer about the dangers of letting a government judge a person’s worth and exterminate if they deem so. Finally, modern movies such as The Hunger Games trilogy remind modern audiences to carefully watch the sovereignty of a government. These examples have their own similarities and differences, but each of their authors produce science fiction which explores the theme of dystopian future in order to persuade the audience to be worried and care about the future of society.
Aldous Huxley constructs a society that forces happiness upon its citizens, resulting in excessive nationalism, ethnocentrism, and forbids the ability to be an individual in his Brave New World. The format of the story complies with its theme as it does not…

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