Essay On Dythymia

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Have you ever met someone who is a complete pessimist? A person who seems to find the negative in everyday life no matter how cheerful of a day they have. Does this person also lack focus and have trouble concentrating? Maybe you have encountered individuals who just feel constantly hopeless. If you have met someone like this, they may have dysthymia, also known as persistent depressive disorder. Dysthymia is a type of depression. Harvard Medical School Publications describes dysthymia as being less severe than major depression, but usually lasts a lot longer. Patients with this type of depression report having it for as long as they can remember. Others feel that they go in and out of depression most of their lives. Some symptoms come and go, while others stay constant. According to the University of Washington, dysthymia is a type of depression where a person’s mood is regularly low. Feeling positive is difficult for people with dysthymia. People with other forms of depression tend to fluctuate between periods of being emotionally ok and being really depressed. Whereas, people with dysthymia are at a constant low. They see the glass as half empty. This makes being upbeat even on happy occasions difficult. Some may feel incapable of having …show more content…
Genetics may play a role in causing dysthymia. Women have been reported to have an increased likelihood to have dysthymia, according to the University of Washington. Health Research Funding says that women are three times more likely to have dysthymia. This may only occur, because men do not seek treatment and for that go unreported. Some cases are thought to be caused by a major loss in childhood, such as the death of a parent or loved one. Other cases seem to be caused by stress, but stress cannot be a confirmed cause because a patient’s dysthymia may be the root of their stress. None of these are concrete causes of dysthymia, but there is continuous research being

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