Dyslexia Essay

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Awareness About Dyslexia
I chose this topic – Awareness About Dyslexia as my term paper because dyslexia caught my attention since I had watched the movie entitled “Every Child Is Special” in one of my major subjects with Mrs. Winona E. Sanque just last year.
As the main character, Ishan, never had a chance to be understood by his family, teachers, classmates, and friends. Being sent to a very exclusive school for boys far away from his home, there he also experienced maltreatment and embarrassments. Until one day, an Art substitute teacher came along to his life and change it as well as to all people around him so to me.
But this desire of mine in knowing more about dyslexia had been finalized when I read an article in Developmental
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It diminishes as the child matures and also more common in boys.
Dyslexia may affect several different functions. Visual dyslexia is characterized by number and letter reversals and the inability to write symbols in the correct sequence. Auditory dyslexia involves difficulty with sounds of letters or groups of letters. The sounds are perceived as jumbled or not heard correctly. "Dysgraphia" refers to the child's difficulty holding and controlling a pencil so that the correct markings can be made on the paper. Dyspraxia refers to the learning disability term sensor-motor integration and is a widely pervasive motor condition characterized by impairment or immaturity of the organization of movement, with associated problems of language, perception and thought. “Verbal praxis” refers to weaknesses observed in the mechanisms of speech production such that articulation is impaired and expressive language is inhibited. Dyscalculia refers to an impairment of the ability to solve mathematical problems, usually resulting from brain dysfunction where sufferers often have difficulties with time, measurement, and spatial reasoning.
III. Signs and Symptoms of Dyslexia
Classroom teachers may not be able to determine if a child has dyslexia. They

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