Dyslexi A Learning Disorder That Impedes The Student 's Ability

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Dyslexia is a learning disorder that impedes the student’s ability to read and comprehend a text. Individuals with dyslexia struggles with phonemic awareness, in which they fail to recognize the way words break down according to sound. EBP shows that the best way to treat individuals with dyslexia is by facilitating mastery and competence. It is an intervention in which the OT practitioner or the teacher adjusts/break down tasks, introduce small chunks of reading, and gradually progress into more complex, more meaningful activities. One way to achieve this goal is by using the Orton-Gillingham Approach in the classroom. It is a multi-sensory strategy used to strengthen decoding through the sound/letter(s) association, spelling rules, and sight word memorization. Since most teaching techniques are done using either visual or auditory the child 's sight is used in reading information, looking at text, and pictures while auditory is used for listening. Dyslexic child has difficulties with tracking/visual processing and sometimes the child 's auditory processing may be weak. Involvement in the use of more of the child 's senses, especially the use of touch (tactile) and movement (kinetic) can be a solution for this problem. According to Leeming (2015), “This will help the child 's brain to develop tactile and kinetic memories to hang on to, as well as the auditory and visual ones” (p.5). In this technique, is important for the student to name the letters aloud as each is being…

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