Dysfunctional Family Members : Dysfunctional Families Essay

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Dysfunctional Members
Dysfunctional family members are in most families. The dysfunctional member has unhealthy behaviors and attitudes, is unable to function properly, and has issues with his or her psychosocial functioning. There can be multiple members in a family that are dysfunctional in the home environment. There are characteristics in one’s life that make him or her dysfunctional within the home environment, such as holding members of ones family to expectations that they are unable to be successful with, lying to one’s self about the reality that he or she lives in, and holding grudges against another member or other members in the family.
When one holds members of his or her family to expectations that are unachievable and unrealistic with human nature, it makes one dysfunctional in the home. In “Marks” by Linda Pastan, the woman in the poem is held to unrealistic expectations for living and running her life. Her family grades her with everything she does. Cooking, cleaning, doing household chores. Her husband grades her on everything she does in the home including “[the previous night’s] dinner” (l 2). He also grades her on the ironing, and how well she does in bed. The Woman in the poem feels like a failure, and is “dropping out” (l 12). Her family is dysfunctional, because of the high expectations, and makes the woman in this poem feel like a failure, and want to quit serving her part in her family. In Stephen Crane’s short story, “Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” The…

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