Essay on Dysfunctional Ever After

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Dysfunctional Ever After Some women strive for attention, and would pay any price to get it, but not all attention seekers do so because of personality disorders. Most sacrifice some of their personal values for the sake of attention. Therefore this usually is the result of an underlying disorder. Ariel Schulman, Henry Joost, and Yaniv Schulman, Ariel's brother, are the filmmakers that created Catfish, a documentary showing how even a seemingly normal, but troubled housewife who spent the majority of her days caring for two severely handicapped stepsons all the while creating an elaborate web of online deception until reality came crashing in (2010). In author Helen Shulman's short story, "Parents' Night," she gives readers a …show more content…
She also goes to great lengths to deceive her husband, and has two sides. She lives one way around her husband and daughter, and upon seeing her ex-husband she starts to act like the person that her ex-husband seemed to know long ago. For example, her ex-husband suggested that they step out on the play terrace for a smoke, and she admitted that she is a secret smoker too, in addition to the joint rolled up in her lipstick case that she scored from the pizza guy, just in case the reception got too hard for her (Shulman 159). Lastly, the percentage of men that actually fall for Facebook scams is greater than the percentage of women falling for false personas. Chenda Ngak says, “According to the findings of CBS, 64.2 percent of women rejected Facebook requests compared to 55.4 percent of men. When an attractive woman’s photo was associated with the profile, men were more likely to accept the friend requests.” Yaniv stated in the film Catfish that “They seem like a normal family, at least on Facebook (2010).” Yaniv fell into Angela’s web of lies, but he also continued to participate in conversation knowing that Megan may not be who she says she is. Yaniv continued to speak with Megan even though he knew that there were holes in Megan’s story. He even went as far as to cut out her head, and pasted it next to a picture of himself as if they had already met. The “Parents’ Night” narrator situation is similar because the ex-husband,

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