Dynastability In Israel

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Throughout its history, Israel has had foreign influences, religious upheavals, and assassinations of the kings, causing severe instability within the nation. Amongst this unrest, it is no wonder a stable line of succession could form. All these factors contributed to the dynastic instability referenced in the biblical record and other sources. This is significant as the dynastic instability inevitably leads to fall of Israel and it’s capture by Assyria.

Unlike its sister nation, Judah, Israel had little dynastic success. There were many contributing factors to its instability, which began with the division of the kingdom under Rehoboam due to discontent within his kingdom from heavy labour and harsh taxes
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He commissioned “two golden calf’s” and set them up in Dan and Bethel and said “here are your gods, Israel” as “it is too much… to go to Jerusalem” where they would have encountered the Davidic dynasty and converted back to following them. This installation of idols allowed the acceptance of idolatry within society. The king’s record states that Ahab created a syncretic religion combining Yahwehism, Baalism, Jeroboam’s calf worship and other pagan religion as a way of unifying the kingdom. When his wife became a strong influence, she eradicated Yahwehism and made sure the religion of Israel was Baal. By disregarding the first commandment, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me”, they were also disrespecting the “Royal Zion Theology”. Miller and Hayes state that a reason for the continual instability of the region was there was no “generally accepted royal theology that could help sustain a dynasty on the …show more content…
The instability of Israel can be contributed to the constant invasions by foreign kings and also the need to pay tribute to these foreign powers. The kings record states multiple Israeli kings paying tribute to foreign kings, like those in Assyria. It is recorded that Menahem paid tribute to Tiglath-Pileser III after he invaded Israel. This tribute was paid through yet another heavy tax of the kingdom, just as Solomon did to repay Hiram. Israel had to pay another tribute to Assyria when Shalmaneser V invaded his vassal state of Israel after Hoshea stopped paying tribute to the king. Though Israel was made to pay tribute it was also paid tribute on occasion. One instance was after Moab’s failed invasion, Jehoram forced him to pay tribute. This is recorded on the Mesha Steele. There were also numerous invasions by other foreign powers like Aram who invade on multiple instances throughout the king’s

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