Essay about Dynamic Corporate Social Responsibility: Apple, Inc.

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Dynamic Corporate Social Responsibility: Apple, Inc.

Marcello Montrone

INTRODUCTION The social psychologist Kurt Lewin (1890-1947), once wrote: “There is nothing as practical as a good theory”. According to this saying we tend to consider theory very important and that it can be helpful to guide us on the correct way. This doesn’t state that practice is not important as well. Therefore using a good balance between theory and practice can help to save cost and time.
In recent years with the economy becoming more and more global, climate change issues, Corporate
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What is implied in all these definitions is that there is no consensus about what CSR means among different academics. Personally, I believe that the definitions of CSR abound and there are often disagreements over the appropriate role of the corporation in society.
To sum up, we could address CSR as a practice which intends to meet various social problems faced by communities where the company operates in order to help improving their quality of life. By “quality of life” it is meant that “life” includes both environmental and social issues. Therefore, the success of the organization depends also on how well the relationships are managed with both the primary and secondary group of stakeholders with whom it cooperates.
Stakeholders’ theory, however, does not list specific stakeholders. From the perspective of this theory the work of amanager is to support all these groups, carefully align their differing interests which should change the organization to be a place where shareholders’ interests can be collectively maximize gradually (Freeman, Edvard & Philips, 2002).
Considering that this phenomenon tends to spread in developed countries, it is clear that the necessity was understood both by the company, which initiates these programs, and by the communities. In fact, the company has the duty to support the community acting like the stereotype of the “good neighbor”.
(Freeman & Reed 1983) propose two definitions of stakeholders. In the first

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