Dying With Dignity : Human Dignity Essay

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Dying with Dignity
What does it mean when we say dying with dignity? To be able to explain this concept, it is important to understand first what is the meaning of human dignity and why it is used when someone die? Is it because the person that dies is a good person? Is it because he or she die in a meaning full way? Or is it because he/she died doing what they wanted to do? To farther understand this concept it is important to remember that everyone have a diverse moral concept of life, and knowing who they are, and what is there believe on life, is imperative for the understanding and interpretation of who is dying, and also to assure that they are dying with the dignity that they deserved.
What is human dignity?
According to Shultziner and Rabinovici (2012), the definition of human dignity is “the quality or state of being worthy, honored, or esteemed.” So how we see dignity is the way ones live and appreciated life. The way how people live their life and the kind of religion, and believe that they practices is the way how they will see dignity and honor, as explain by Leming and Dickinson (2016), “If you are a cowboy in the days of the old west, dying with dignity mean dying with one’s boots on.” so as part of believe, for a soldier to die at war was and is the most honored sacrifices for their country, in compare with someone that is not related to the military life and have no desire to die in battle for their country. It is clearly a big different in believes, and…

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