Dying Inside Essay

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In Dying Inside: Loving Your True Skin, Queen Blessing Itua, who used skin lighteners (as a young woman growing up in Nigeria), and experienced adverse reaction to the deleterious ingredients found in many skin lightening products, tackled the issue head-on. With a no-holds bared expose, Queen Blessing has written this timely book to inform all about the detrimental health consequences that could be causing us to steadily be Dying Inside with every use, ingestion, and assimilation of the chemicals in question in our products.

Queen Blessing not only turned her adverse personal experience with skin lighteners into a search for real answers, but what she discovered as a Biochemist, Board Licensed Beauty Expert, and Public Health Practitioner turned her challenges into an inspiration of self-love, global wellness empowerment,
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The practice of skin lightening is now a worldwide phenomenon. For example, many women and a smaller portion of men of African descent feel that they will be more accepted in society as beautiful if their skin is fair/light, or fairer/lighter. Unfortunately, many of the skin lighteners still contain toxic ingredients that have been proven dangerous. Using a skin lightener containing any of these ingredients can be detrimental.

Hydroquinone for example, is a carcinogenic chemical and may have carcinogenic properties in large doses. Another toxic ingredient commonly being used in skin lighteners, despite the proven health hazard, is mercury because it is cheap. Mercury has been linked to the destruction of kidneys and the nervous system. No wonder, the consumption of these products causes the user to be Dying Inside slowly with every use and

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