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CHE 111- Summer 2016 NAME __Chelsea Dennis __
Dr. Shree Iyengar Homework #7

This homework covers the major concepts in Chapters 8 and 9, which are very closely related. You should consult the lab manual for relevant information on ‘geometries of molecules.’ There are Chapter notes available for this material under 'Modules' in Canvas.
Learning Outcome for Chapters 8 and 9: When you complete reading the chapter and practicing the end-of-chapter exercises, you are expected the have the following skills as learning outcomes:

* Use appropriate models of chemical bonding to explain the
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Complete the following table with required information (this is similar to lab on geometries of molecules and ions) Total Lewis structure Shape # valence e—

a. HCO2H 18 Trigonal Planar at C Bent at OH

b. N2F2 24 Planar cis
(dinitrogen difluoride)

c. C2N2 (there is a C-C bond) 18 Linear

6. Draw two resonance structures for Bromite ion.

7. a. Explain what is meant by formal charge.
Assuming all electrons in a chemical bond are equally shared, a formal charge is the charge assigned to an atom in a molecule.

b. Assign formal charge to each atom in the Lewis structure of cyanate ion: (Note: the ion has an overall charge of negative one) O: +1
C: 0
N: -2

8. Give the hybridization of the atom shown in bold in the following: (Hint: first draw the Lewis structure for each.)

a. Sulfur in S2F2

b. the middle Carbon in H2CCCH2

9. a. Draw the Lewis structure for each of the following and predict the bond angle in each case:

a. SCl2 b. BeCl2

b. Would you expect either of the above two compounds to be a

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