Dvd Report : Woman Masai Essay

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DVD Report: Woman Masai The movie was made in Western highlands along the Kenya and Tanzania border. In the East African along the rift valley lived by the Masai. The Messiah are pastoralism society and they domesticate herd animals. The Messiah society can be both a transhumant or nomadic pastoralism. The men and the boys move with the catties. The Messiah are animals herds they despise hunting and do not grow crops of any kind. Land is held in common and animals are the only form of wealth. The Messiah love their cows and each animal has a name and the men compose long poetic songs in praise of their herds. The Masai use everything produced by their animals. They eat their flesh and drink their milk, their bed covering is made from their animal’s skin and containers made from their horns. The Masai conception of wealth is different from our own. Women and children as well as animals make up a man’s estate. A man’s riches may be measured not only by the size of his herd but also by the number of his human dependence wealth. Wealth involves rights over people as well as rights over things
One man in the video have called the librarian has a large village also he has many women, cattle’s, sheep’s, children and goats. The Masai society practices polygamy because there is much work to do for the women. The librarian is especially rich he has 12 wives more than sixty children and numerous daughters in law. While watching the video closely I learned the Messiah community…

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