Essay Duty to Die

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After reading all five of the articles, it is apparent that the scenario revolves around the use of technology enhancement and advances used in medicine. The main ethical question here is whether or not it is natural, safe or even fair to use emerging technologies and put the value of technology and high tech operations over human nature and free will. Michael Sandel makes a strong statement regarding this ethical question on page 818: “The promise of mastery is flawed. It threatens to banish our appreciation of life as a gift, and to leave us with nothing to affirm or behold outside our own will”. This statement takes on a critical view of human enhancement but also puts the risks into consideration. Many things must be considered and …show more content…
Rather they were only doing these procedures to improve their daughter’s life, and benefit her years of growing up. Even though beneficence is a vast notion, in medical scenarios it seeks to benefit others and ‘do good’, which is exactly what the doctors had in mind when weighing out Ashley’s options and the pros and cons of her treatment.
I think that Ashley’s story definitely proposes arguments for both sides but I tend to favor the parent’s opinion. Everything that they did for Ashley derived from love and care for her and was not done because of negative feelings toward her condition. The fact that they took action so early in her life shows that they were planning ahead and thinking of what would be the best for her future and quality of life. If they had waited, options might have been slimmer and Ashley might not be the happy girl she seems to be today. I support their decision because as the article states “the rewards outweighed the risks”. Not only was Ashley’s medical condition taken into consideration, but her parents also considered her emotional health and stability. The procedure she went through made it easier for her body movement/circulation, digestive system, muscle condition, and fewer infections. By having her life improve in this area, it also has the possibility of improving her emotional health since she has fewer complications to worry about. All of the above statements I made are my reasons as to

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