Essay about Duty Of The Marine Corps

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Life can often be thought of as a series of forks in the road, ever changing by the decisions we make. The decision to leave the United States Marine Corps was only bigger than the decision to join in the first place. I decided to leave the Marine Corps, first because of the inability of my senior leadership to follow laws, second because of the lack of leadership in my unit, and third because I simply wasn’t serving my country. Although leaving the corps was a difficult decision these reasons helped me to clarify and decide in the way that I did.
The primary reason I decided to leave the corps, was because of the inability of the senior leadership to follow the laws established. During my first few months in my unit I was subject to three different instances of intense hazing. Hazing throughout the Marine Corps was a very controversial issue. People believed that the old corps was all about hazing, and that the new laws put in place made the corps weak. This created a void between myself, knowing what was right and what was wrong, and my senior leadership, who felt that they had the right to blur the line. After the hazing had been done and I knew it would not stop, I went to my command to report the incidents and to start a case for the illegal actions that had taken place. I was surprised to find the command has swept the whole investigation under the rug to protect my senior leaders, and left me in the same situation with my seniors, now feeling as they needed to…

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