Duty Of Great Responsibility As The Chief Of Staff For Marine Corps Combat Development Command

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For exceptionally meritorious service to the government of the United States in a duty of great responsibility as the Chief of Staff for Marine Corps Combat Development Command from July 2013 to XXXX 2016. Col Mundy led a staff representing 18,000 personnel spread over several commands located across the county responsible for integrating Marine Corps concepts and requirements based warfighting capabilities; including doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities and policy while leading the staff through the process for annually allocating 20 billion dollars across a 5 year period.

Upon arrival Col Mundy immediately applied his extensive command, operational, training and red-teaming experiences into finalizing and publishing Expeditionary Force 21 (EF21) our service capstone operating concept. Within eight months, he expedited staff coordination, staffing and publishing of EF21, guiding Marine Corps and Naval capability development during an extremely challenging period; transitioning out of Afghanistan, global instability, fiscal austerity and increasing combatant commander demand for forward deployed crisis response forces.

His staff coordination expertise placed an indelible mark on the Corps. Through daily engagement with staffs across the spectrum of government and industry, he quickly established a rapport with, and gained support from, primary staff leaders from key decision makers in Congress, Department of…

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