Dupont Spruance 's Industrial Hygienist And Occupational Health Competency Leader

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DuPont Spruance is located in Richmond, Virginia. Spruance is DuPont’s largest manufacturing site worldwide. It is a key site in the manufacturing of new films, fibers, and specialty chemicals. There are 5 businesses located at this facility, Kevlar®, Mylar®, Nomex®, Tyvek® and Zytel®. The role of a Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Specialist is to provide analytical and implementation support in safety, contractor safety, occupational health, process safety, fire protection, environmental, distribution and ergonomics. Also to evaluate and determine if work can continue under current safety conditions. The SHE Group works to minimize occupational disease and injury to the population of DuPont Spruance.
This summer I had the opportunity to work at the Spruance site, as a SHE Specialist for ten weeks. My supervisor Jeremy Dewitt is the site’s Industrial hygienist and Occupational Health competency leader. This was a unique position because I was mostly working in the realm of industrial hygiene. Most safety professionals must wear many hats, but the way the SHE group is set up there are Competency Leaders that focus on a particular area, such as environmental air, environmental water, occupational health, and emergency response. The other team members offer support when necessary. My primary project was to evaluate and update the new chemical review process used at the Spruance Plant. This was an important project because there are many issues associated…

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