Dunny And Boy Analysis

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Examine the relationship of Dunny and Boy. What roles do they serve for each other?
Dunstan Ramsay is the main protagonist of the novel, The Fifth Business. Previously being known with the names Dunstable and Dunny, he is a spiritual man, who is very much controlled by his superego. This means that he makes decisions primarily using his conscious. He constantly chooses the ideal method to accomplish tasks. Dunstan is a religious man, in a manner that he is drawn to the metaphorical view of religion and not the literal text itself. He is also considered to comply to the role of Fifth Business, which according to the novel’s dedication page is, “Those roles which, being neither those of Hero nor Heroine, Confidante nor Villain, but which were
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In the first chapter, Dunstan’s old sleigh surpasses the speed of Boy’s new and more expensive sleigh. This angers Boy, however Dunstan’s capacity of knowledge about history and mythology always overpowers Boy’s wealth and life of grandeur. Their differences continue to grow in the book as Boy becomes more interested in politics, whereas Dunstan develops a connection to spirituality, helping students succeed as a professor, and a putting an effort to restore balance in the life of Paul and Mary Dempster. They also view love in completely different manner. Boy seeks love in order to gain pleasure, whereas Dunstan looks at love as an opportunity to learn and grow. This is shown through Boy’s preposterous marriage with Leola and Dunstan’s relationships with Leola, Diana and especially Faustina. Faustina represented his deepest and darkest desires, but instead of complying to her, he learned the importance of appreciation and a sense of independence that a person can make him feel, with Leisl, and learns to control the devil within as he “seized her nose between the fingers of the other, and gave it such a twist” (Davis 227), just like St.Dunstan he tames the devil. Through his life experiences he learns more about his spiritual side and how the world works with it’s many …show more content…
Their distinct paths always seemed to intertwine as they provided support to one another. In this novel, the opposing forces becomes one’s strength portrayed through the relationship between Boy and Dunstan. One character focuses his entire life in pursuing his superego, meanwhile the other lets his id take control over him and as a result destroy his conscious. Percy’s greed drives him to attain a lot of success and wealth but alas it is not enough for him to be satisfied and certainly not enough to be happy. Dunny finally achieves self-realization and this enables him to find satisfaction in his adequate

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